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While we hope that there is never an emergency here on campus, we do have plans in place if something does happen.  We are including a brief summary of those plans here so you can discuss them with your child and be aware of what is supposed to happen in these situations.


In the event of an emergency somewhere in the school district, you can click on the "Emergency Information" link on the Leitch homepage (Quick Links).  The link is also located under the "Contacts & Resources" button that is on the top portion of our webpage.  The same link can be found on the school district homepage under the "Contacts & Resources" link that runs across the top.

We ask that if there is an emergency happening on campus, please do not call the school as the school staff will be very busy ensuring the safety of your children.

If there has been an emergency at Leitch (after it has been resolved) information will be sent home via some combination of a note home, a phone call using the Bright Arrow system (recording), information on our website.


We will have a variety of emergency drills (earthquake, fire, and/or lock down) over the course of the school year.  There is usually one to two emergency drills per month.  We do this so that the students are familiar with the emergency procedures and so that we can look at and improve the emergency procedures here at Leitch.

Emergency Forms

It is very important that you completely fill out registration forms at the beginning of the school year.  The information on Infinite Campus is used for when there is an emergency on campus.  The information provided will help us with taking care of your children and making sure that the students are dismissed with the correct people.

Evacuation Map