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Welcome & Content Standards

first gradeHere you will find general information about First Grade. 

Content Standards

CA standards Common Core Standards

OPTIONAL Challenge Projects

These projects can be completed at any time and turned into your child's teacher.  The purpose of these activities is to 

allow for student creativity and the opportunity to explore different topics.  These projects are NOT required.

Things that Go:

Research a form of transportation from the past (early cars,  airplanes, boats, etc.).  Find out as much as you can about that one form of transportation.  Present your information to the class in some way (pictures, poster, oral facts, etc.).  Pretend to be a teacher and teach the class about your form of transportation.

Be sure to include any of the following information that applies to your form of transportation:
when it was invented
who invented it
how does it move
where does it travel (road, air, water, etc.)

how many people/objects can it move


Create a weather report for somewhere in the world.  Bring in a map to show the location.  Graph the weather in that location for 1 week (7 days).  Be prepared to make your presentation to the class.  Practice speaking in a loud, clear voice.



Research a game you do not know how to play (maybe one from another country!).  No video games.  

Find out this information to report to your classmates:
is it an inside game or outside game
what is the object or goal of the game (how do you win)
how many players can play at one time
what is a strategy for winning the game
how do you feel about this game-tell why you feel this way

Make a presentation to the class about your game.  If you want to bring in the actual game, you may.  You must be prepared to teach a classmate how to play the new game.



Read the story about Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  It is about a boy who becomes flattened and is able to be mailed to different places so he can experience what it is like in different parts of our world.  For this project, research where your imaginary flat person could go.  Find it on a map.  Identify the continent, country, city, state, province, etc.  Describe the climate.  Find information about the culture of that place, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, etc.  Identify the sights in the general area.

Take all of this information and present it to the class in some creative way.  Make sure you bring in some sort of map to show where your Flat person went.


Read 3 books at home.  You may choose any type of book.  Try to read the books as independently as possible, but if assistance is needed reading, that is allowed.

After you read the 3 books, create 1 poster for each book.  The 3 posters must contain:

the title and author
the characters
the setting
a summary of the basic plot
a statement and/or picture that tries to convince people to read this book

Research any animal that interests you.  Prepare to make a presentation to the class about your animal.  You may create a poster, a report, bring in pictures, or just orally present the information.  You can choose how you want to present the information to the class.  Remember to practice speaking in a loud, clear voice!

Your presentation must include these facts about your animal, you may add any additional information that you feel is relevant to your animal:

name of animal
where does it live (habitat)
what does it eat (diet)
what kind of teeth does it have
what does it look like (appearance)


Community Worker:

Interview someone about their job.  Ask them: 

what they do

how they decided to have the job they have

where do they work

what special schooling or training did they need to have

what do they like the most and least about their job

tell about any other interesting aspects of their job


Present your information to the class in a creative way.