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Math Expressions

textbook"Math Expressions" is our newly adopted math curriculum which is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  This page will be dedicated to resources for students and parents.  Check back for updated information about our "Math Expressions" program and other math resources.

Math Expressions Online Resources:

  • Resources for Students - When you link to this webpage you will find an "eGlossary" of math vocabulary, and enjoy "eManipulatives" and "eGames" to practice your math skills. 
  • Resources for Families - At this webpage you will find the "eGlossary" of math vocabulary, and Unit Overviews, Family Letter Letters, and Math Background information that summarizes the different math units and skills in the program.

Other Math Resources:

Math is Fun - This website has includes multiple math activities for practicing skills and online test taking practice.